Why Owning a Pickup Truck Does Not Make You a Towing Expert

Why Owning a Pickup Truck Does Not Make You a Towing Expert

  • Just like our society seems to presume guilt by association, we also tend to presume expertise by association.


    When we buy the latest and greatest power tools, we become self-anointed home improvement experts, capable of tackling any do-it-yourself project. When we climb aboard our first John Deere riding mower, we consider it a throne that makes us king or queen of landscaping.


    And for some reason, too many pickup truck drivers believe that getting behind the wheel of such a vehicle means that they’re not only towing experts, but also capable of pulling ridiculously heavy loads uphill in a foot of snow.


    Red Ford with Gooseneck Trailer

    Photo submitted by B&W employee as part of the "Random Gooseneck Spotted" project 


    Not so fast, rookie.


    Do you know the difference between a gooseneck hitch and an actual goose’s neck? How do you maintain your hitch? What part of your vehicle are you towing from?


    How much weight is your vehicle capable of towing? Hint: It’s probably not as much as they say in the TV commercial.


    How much weight is your trailer capable of carrying? How is the weight distributed? What will you do if something goes wrong?


    By the way, that RV should be a lot of fun – if your vehicle’s strong enough to tow it.


    This is just a small sampling of questions that can mean the difference between a smooth tow and total disaster.


    Towing without the proper equipment or knowledge – or both – can damage your vehicle and damage your load. It can also end up injuring you, other drivers and people who load and unload your trailer.


    Grey Chevy with Tow & Stow and Utility Trailer

    Photo submitted by B&W customer Kory Zeamer


    The point of this blog is to stop those things from happening. We want to provide people with basic information about towing that any person should know before they even think about installing a hitch on their truck.


    We’ll also share more advanced tips for experienced towers who may have dreams of making a guest appearance on Shipping Wars on A&E.


    Whether you want to tow a boat, motorcycle, RV, landscaping equipment, furniture or a Christmas tree, we’ll show you how to do it properly and safely with the right equipment.


    If you have any towing questions that you’d like us to answer in a future blog post, please email us at marketingstaff@turnoverball.com.