What Are Real Harley Riders Saying about the Biker Bar?

What Are Real Harley Riders Saying about the Biker Bar?

  •  We understand customer perceptions. We know that anything we say about the Biker Bar is a claim – until our customers say the same kinds of things. 


    We know that not only does the Biker Bar enable you to trailer your Harley Davidson motorcycle quickly, easily and safely, but it allows you to truly enjoy the experiences that makes owning and riding a Harley so incredible.


    Check out these actual customer reviews – all five stars, all available in their entirety on our website.


    Trace from new Smyrna Beach, FL trailered his Street Glide for about 1,200 miles round trip from Florida to North Carolina to ride the legendary Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap. Trace writes:

    "The Biker Bar was GREAT. Easy to install. Bike stayed put with NO DAMN straps to worry about. Easy on, easy off."


    Thanks, Trace. We love hearing stories about motorcycle trips to places like Tail of the Dragon, especially when they’re not ruined by straps!


    Scott from Phoenix, AZ liked the Biker Bar so much after bringing his Road Glide Ultra to the biggest motorcycle rallies in the country during a three-week, 3,000-mile adventure that he bought one for each of his trailers. Scott writes:

    "I went to Santa Fe, Denver, Sturgis, Jackson Hole, Zion and home with plenty of unloading and reloading at each stop. The Biker Bar performed flawlessly… One note to the designers. When I attached the bar to the frame, I noticed that the rubber pushed on the brake line… I cut off about 1\8 of an inch of the clamp at the top side and the accompanying rubber and it no longer pushed on the brake line… Thanks for making this a simple and and stress-free way to trailer my bikes."


    Scott, we’re sure you’ll enjoy using the Biker Bar in all of your trailers! Thanks for the heads up about the break line. On Touring bikes from 2011 and up, a solid brake line is held in place with plastic ties. The plastic tie on the frame under the transmission must be cut and removed to allow the brake line to move about 1/4 inch so the Biker Bar can be installed and removed. Check out our installation instructions for each Harley model.


    Michael from California says "the Biker Bar works magnificently" – his words, not ours – after a 22-day, nearly 3,000-mile RV excursion to seven national parks and monuments with his Harley Road King in a Pace American trailer. Michael writes:

    "We visited… Zion, Bryce, Rushmore, Devil's Tower, Badlands, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons… we hit pot holes, road construction dips, bumps, washboards and diagonal road undulations. One dip was so hard it knocked the door off the shower in the RV… The Biker Bar simply worked as advertised! The trailer floor is 3/4-inch plywood. No modifications were made to the floor of the trailer. I did put down two 2" x 3" strips the length of the bike in order to guide the bike in straight every time. This was handy when loading the bike in a hurry, such as during a heavy rain."


    Michael, we’re glad the Biker Bar helped you enjoy some of our nation’s most beautiful treasures, and thanks for the tip about the floor guides. We appreciate your idea and ingenuity!


    What do you have to say about the Biker Bar? Please submit a customer review or share your stories here!