Veterans Helping Veterans: This Is Operation Raptor

Veterans Helping Veterans: This Is Operation Raptor

  • We always talk about how we love having the opportunity to meet such interesting people at trade shows, conventions, expos and rallies across the country. Some people are just stopping by our booth, some become customers, and others become business partners.


    Every once in a while, a chance meeting really makes you take stock in what you have and the sacrifices people have made to make it possible.


    A few weeks ago, we were in Las Vegas for the 2013 SEMA Show, one of the biggest trade shows in the world for automotive specialty products, when a gentleman approached us and began to tell us about Operation Raptor.


    Operation Raptor is a program that provides critically injured veterans with financial assistance, housing and jobs. The program is managed by fellow veterans in partnership with the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.


    Operation Raptor Navy Seal Truck

    The Operation Raptor Navy Seal Truck, will be traveling the country to raise awareness, provide financial assistance and employment for critically injured veterans. 


    What’s different about Operation Raptor is the way in which it brings attention to these American heroes. Operation Raptor uses a series of Ford Raptor F-150 trucks, airbrushed from head to toe with breathtaking images by Mickey Harris, to tell the story of the incredible sacrifices and courage of our nation’s veterans.


    Navy Seal Raptor Blackhawk Scene

    Navy Seal Ford F-150 Raptor Blackhawk scene. 


    Each Raptor truck showcases a different group of veterans, including the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, Air Force Commandos, Army SOAR, MARSOC, K9 Military and POW/MIA. The Raptors have actually been built in a way that enables a critically injured veteran to operate them with prosthetics.


    Navy Seal Raptor

    Navy Seal trident being painted on the hood of the Navy Seal Ford Raptor by Mickey Harris


    These trucks will be touring the country, appearing at NFL, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, NHRA and entertainment events, as well as military bases and air shows. The Operation Raptor Tour is financed exclusively through sponsorships, with all proceeds going to critically injured veterans.


    When Randy told us about the program, we were happy to provide him with the trailer hitch he needed. We’re proud that some of those Operation Raptor trucks will be pulled by a B&W Trailer Hitch, and we’re proud to be an American manufacturing company, creating products with American steel and American labor.


    While we enjoy time with our families during the holidays, let’s not forget that our military has been in combat for 12 consecutive years – an extreme sacrifice that should always be at the top of our minds instead of the back. We hope you’ll look for Operation Raptor all over the country and do whatever you can to help the veterans whose sacrifices allow us to enjoy our uniquely American freedom every day.