Trailer Hitches to ATV Attachments

Trailer Hitches to ATV Attachments

  •  New ventures can be hard to start but they always afford excitement. B&W Trailer Hitches latest venture is starting next week and is surrounded with excitement. We will be in New Orleans showcasing a new product. What do trailer hitches have to do with Mardi Gras? Aside from pulling the floats, not much, however we are introducing an effective new product to the rental market at The Rental Show. This convention gathers equipment rental industry professionals from all over the country.


    B&W Trailer Hitches is excited to present the GradeBoss, an ATV attachment that is light enough to use with your ATV, yet heavy enough to fix your drive. Its versatile design allows for multiple uses like prepping food plots. The best part about owning or renting a GradeBoss is that you don’t have to purchase a load of gravel to grade and fix your driveway. Just repurpose the gravel you already have. Check out our videos on our YouTube page. The GradeBoss hooks up to your ATV in less than 2 minutes and has a remote control for adjusting the Thomson Electric Actuator. It is designed for scarifying, scraping and leveling gravel or dirt roads and driveways, packed dirt surfaces or loose dirt areas. Go ahead, put your ATV to work!