Trailer Hitches Should be Researched

Trailer Hitches Should be Researched

  •  Have you ever read a lie on the internet? Maybe you did and you knew it right away. Maybe you did and you ingested the information only to find out later that what you had believed all along was not true.


    It happens to the best of us. Our marketing department spends time discovering what is being said in the public forum so that we can educate the customer. Without the proper knowledge, towing can be very dangerous.


    Just recently, we found an article on an informational website that, while probably unintentionally, misled the reader regarding gooseneck and fifth wheel towing. The article was well written in terms of grammar and flow and the tone was that of a knowledgeable person. However, the diagram of a truck with a gooseneck hitch in it gave away the lack of understanding.


    First, the diagram labeled a regular truck a flatbed. That would be obvious to any semi-knowledgeable truck owner.  The second mix-up was the drawing and explanation of the gooseneck hitches.  


    We hope that you, our customer or future customer, will call us if you have questions. We are happy to explain as much as possible. We know you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. Each truck is different, each trailer is different, and each need is different. Weeding through all the information out there can be daunting.


    Trucks, trailers and all the things that go with them can be expensive. Take the time to visit manufacturer websites and sites that have relevant, factual and first-hand knowledge of a product.  It could change your towing experience for the better!