Towing and Turning, Part 2: Equipment that Makes It Easier

Towing and Turning, Part 2: Equipment that Makes It Easier

  • In Part 1 of this post, we discussed the basics of turning while towing a trailer, from taking wide turns, to using the mirrors to monitor the path of your trailer, to simply taking some time to practice. Tips and advice are helpful, but B&W Trailer Hitches has manufactured products that make towing and turning easier and smoother.


    Turning clearance can be an issue when towing gooseneck trailers with a short bed truck. To give yourself more turning room, the 4-Inch Extender offsets the ball of your Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch by four inches. Made from 3/4-inch steel plate, this removable extender moves the pivot point back so your turns won’t be quite as sharp.


    B&W Turnoverball Accessory - 4 Inch Extender


    For even more clearance at the tailgate and trailer, the Extend-A-Goose Coupler offsets the trailer a full 10 inches. Designed to fit all standard 4-inch I.D. round trailer tubes, this gooseneck hitch extension has a self-aligning coupler design and uses heavy wall tube with internal gussets for maximum strength.


    B&W Extend - a - Goose B&W Extend - a - Goose Coupler


    For RVers, a sliding hitch is the right choice for needed turning clearance. The Companion Slider Fifth-Wheel Hitch gives you 12 inches of slide so you have extra room to maneuver in your short bed truck. Because it automatically latches in both directions, you only have to get out of the truck once to move into maneuvering position.


    B&W Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch


    Just like the original Companion, you’ll love this sliding hitches smooth, rattle-free ride and clean stops. It can be easily be removed by two people, leaving a clean bed with no rails so you can use your truck for more than towing.


    There are certain factors to consider with regards to cab clearance when using a fifth-wheel trailer.


    Pin Box Location. Find out if the kingpin is even with the front of the trailer or recessed behind the front of the trailer. To compensate for short bed trucks, some fifth-wheel manufacturers have built extended kingpin boxes.


    Trailer Width and Shape. Narrower trailers enable a larger turning radius, while trailers with rounded corners allow for more cab clearance than those with squared corners.


    Maneuverability Requirements. Do you expect to negotiate a bunch of tight turns, or will you be traveling mostly on the highway with little need to back up?


    B&W Extend - a - Goose DiagramB&W Extend - a - Goose Diagram

    Towing without added extention compared to towing a gooseneck trailer with the Extend - A - Goose.


    Keep in mind that we’ve developed our products over many years, taking the time to do it right based on our own towing experiences and feedback from our customers. Every product is designed to provide a comfortable, safe ride. Please contact us if you need help choosing the right hitch for your truck or trailer.