Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Receiver Hitch

Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Receiver Hitch


    The other day we were asked by a magazine to rank the top five considerations when bying a receiver hitch. Would you like to know what we said? Here you go.


    Class – Weight rating is important. The hitch class depends on the vehicle’s tow rating, the weight of your trailer and the weight of what you intend to haul.


    Ball Size – Make sure the ball size on your hitch matches the ball size on your trailer.


    The Amount of Drop or Rise – The trailer should always be level. This lessens the strain on the hitch and keeps the trailer in line behind the vehicle.


    Single-Function vs. Multi-Function – Choose a single-function hitch if only one trailer is typically used. Multi-function hitches provide multiple ball sizes and height adjustability making it convenient to switch between multiple trailers.


    Carrying Weight vs. Distributing Weight – Choose a weight-carrying hitch if the entire weight of the trailer is supported on the trailer hitch. A weight-distributing hitch spreads the weight of the trailer across a tow bar that is attached to the vehicle and aids towing stability, especially for larger trailers.


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