The Right Connection with Trailer Hitches

The Right Connection with Trailer Hitches

  • Have you ever thought about where your hitch was made? Should you care?


    We have been advertising this message for a while now in order to inform the public about their safety and to draw attention to the highly engineered product that connects your HEAVY fifth wheel trailer to your HEAVY truck.


    Safety is incredibly important on our public highways. A relatively small product; trailer hitches, fifth wheel hitches and gooseneck hitches, is all that protects travelers from a 16,000 pound trailer barreling down the road alone. That connection between the trailer and the truck is crucial.


    We have interpersonal connections in our lives too. Being able to communicate this clear and important message about truck and trailer connections to our video production team was vital. Without understanding the impact it makes on the lives of travelers all over this country our commercial would not have informed the public correctly. Thirty seconds is not a lot of time to communicate what our company and our products do for the safety of each person traveling on the road. It’s safety, not only, for the person who tows with our trailer hitches but safety for each person who drives down the road next to someone towing with our trailer hitches.


    Our hope is that you, the distributor, the dealer, the consumer, will meet us in the middle and connect with us. Connect by calling our 800 number and asking questions of our sales people. Email us when you have a comment or concern.  Send us notes on Facebook. Mail us photos or comment on our ads like Bill from Viking-Spirit Trailers. Tell us what you are looking for in a new product or how we have improved upon our products. Tell us what you love about our company.  Tell us how your tow and why you tow. B&W is not Ft. Knox and we don’t want to be. Relationships are the cornerstone of our business. And the only way to build relationships is to connect.


     Below: Bill from Viking-Spirit Trailers sent us this note teasing us about our Family Photo. 

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