The Readers of Trailer Life Have Spoken

The Readers of Trailer Life Have Spoken

  • Every time B&W Trailer Hitches has developed a fifth-wheel hitch, we’ve been driven by the same goal – creating a smooth, worry-free ride for our customers.


    About 15 years ago, we introduced the Companion Fifth-Wheel Hitch. This was our solution to the problem of jerking during starts and stops, and popping and cracking when driving down the road.  We took a look at all the complaints customers had about the current fifth-wheel offerings and set out to design those complaints away.


    The Companion Fifth-Wheel Hitch is quiet and smooth when driving down the road, and with its revolutionary single point attachment to the truck, it easily converts to a level bed so you can use your truck bed for other things when you’re not pulling your RV.


    We’re thankful that many of the world’s most dedicated RV’ers have taken notice.


    Trailer Life, the industry-leading magazine dedicated to the RV lifestyle, recently announced the winners of its 2013 Readers’ Choice Awards, and B&W Trailer Hitches received a Silver Award in the fifth-wheel hitch category.

    Trailer Life Readers Choice

    Now we realize to some it is ridiculous to be excited with our award for second place. We respectfully disagree.


    As we mentioned, the Companion was unveiled 15 years ago. The winner of the category has been around for over three times that long.  Their offering in this category was the same for most of those years.  Anytime an innovator raises the bar in an industry, the industry wins.  We like to think we raised the bar and customers are responding to designs that meet their needs.


    So, when people who spend weeks, months or even years at a time traveling the country in a truck and an RV say you have one of the two best fifth-wheel trailer hitches in the industry, we’ll gladly take it.


    Then we’ll get back to work.


    We develop products to create a better experience for our customers, not to win awards. The awards are just a byproduct – a humbling, much-appreciated byproduct, but a byproduct nonetheless.


    Thank you to the readers of Trailer Life magazine for saying B&W Trailer Hitches is among the best of the best when it comes to fifth-wheel hitches. We want our hitches make your RV experiences that much more enjoyable.