The Five “S’s” To Watch For When You Trailer Your Harley

The Five “S’s” To Watch For When You Trailer Your Harley

  • You need to trailer your Harley Davidson in a way that allows you to forget about how secure it is. Constantly worrying about your Harley in your trailer is no way to spend your road trip.


    To make that stress disappear like a minivan in your rearview mirror, watch for the five S’s when you trailer your Harley – stability, safety, speed, simplicity and space.



    As you drive along, trailers tend to bounce a bit. Will your Harley stay upright on a bumpy or hilly road? How often do you need to check on your Harley to make sure it’s stable? What kinds of adjustments do you need to make?


    These questions are major concerns if you use straps to trailer your Harley. They’re non-issues with the Biker Bar, which locks your bike to your trailer with a solid steel clamping bar that never needs to be retightened.



    Is it safe to load your Harley by yourself? Once it’s in the trailer, can you walk around your trailer to get other things without the risk of tipping over your motorcycle? Is the bike itself protected from scratches and other damage to chrome, paint and leather?


    Yes, yes and yes – if you use the Biker Bar. Safety applies to both people and your Harley Davidson. With the Biker Bar, Just  ride your motorcycle into place and lock it securely with your foot – no assistance required – and there won’t be any straps to step over.


    Unlike the constant rubbing of straps, the Biker Bar’s neoprene lined clamps are the only things that come in contact with your bike so you don’t have to worry about damage.


    How much time will you spend securing your motorcycle into place? How much time will you spend stopping and securing your motorcycle during your trip?


    If you trailer your Harley with straps, it could take hours, and you should expect to retighten the straps regularly, especially if you travel over curvy, hilly roads.


    With the Biker Bar, the initial installation takes about an hour. After that, you can remove it or put it back in place using two simple bolts. To load your Harley, ride it into place and lock it down with your foot. To unload your Harley, do the reverse. It takes seconds, and you never have to check on it.



    Will you go through the same process every time you trailer your Harley? Will you need help, and will the process be so complicated that you’ll want to punch your helper in the face?


    With straps, it’s doubtful that the process will be the same – depends on the trailer, the terrain and what else you need to store in your trailer. You’ll probably need help, and your helper may want to take a self-defense class.


    As we’ve already explained, the Biker Bar enables you to just ride your Harley into place in a matter of seconds – every single time.



    If you’re planning a long trip, how much space will you have in your trailer for your other stuff?

    Plenty, with the Biker Bar. It attaches your bike to the trailer in one place – the bottom of the bike frame. Strap your luggage, not your Harley.

    On the other hand, straps cross your bike in just about every direction and attach to opposite sides of your trailer in order to keep the bike stable. Best case scenario? Squeeze a few bags between the straps – as long as they don’t get in the way when you have to retighten.