ROT Rally 2013 Recap

ROT Rally 2013 Recap

  • We’re still recovering from the Republic of Texas Biker Rally – ROT Rally 2013 – in Austin, Texas. This year’s event was expected to bring in 50,000 participants, 200,000 spectators and 350 vendors. We haven’t seen the final tallies, but it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if the crowds blew past those numbers.


    The first thing you notice as the rally revs up is the sea of chrome, steel and leather – thousands of motorcycles packed together, arriving from all over the country, each with a different story to tell. The ROT Parade, certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the "Longest Parade of Motorcycles Known to Mankind," definitely lived up to its billing.


    The Texas heat was burning, so quite a few riders weren’t wearing much more than boots. That could be one reason why there seemed to be so many tattoo artists. There was plenty of exposed skin to keep them busy.


    Believe it or not, there were also a ton of golf carts. Hundreds of people brought their RVs, trailers and golf carts to the fairgrounds, and some people just camped out in tents.


    Actually, that’s why we had traffic jams loaded with golf carts and motorcycles in front of our booth. People wanted to get a closer look at the Biker Bar and find out how to keep their bikes stable and secure during rallies like this. We got to meet a lot of incredible people, and our own sales guy, Charl Hill, even won best bike in the “Knuckle, Flat, Iron, Shovel Head” category.


    All of the local businesses were fired up, and can you blame them? With about $40 million poured into the local economy over four days, this is like Christmas for the great people of Austin, who couldn’t be more gracious hosts. There’s already talk of expanding ROT Rally to a bigger part of the city and making it more family-friendly.


    It’s hard to imagine this event getting bigger and better, but regardless of how it evolves, we’ll definitely be back.