Recovering from 10 Days in Vegas for NFR

Recovering from 10 Days in Vegas for NFR

  • Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows how draining it can be. Like New York, it’s a city that never sleeps. A few days in Vegas are usually enough to sap the energy from most people.


    We just spent 10 days in Vegas for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) Event, so we’re tired. Really tired.


    Don’t get us wrong. We love going to the NFR every year, and we love supporting the events our customers love. You know it’s a great event when you can barely stand up at the end of the day.


    B&W Trailer Hitches ProRodeo Booth

    B&W Trailer Hitches ProRodeo Booth B&W Trailer Hitches NFR ProRodeo Booth


    One of the only things that kept us going was the conversations we had with our customers. We’re not exaggerating when we say the people we met are the friendliest, most appreciative and most positive people in the world.


    We had a booth each night at the Fan Zone, adjacent to the Thomas & Mack Center where the rodeo performances were held. In our booth, we had a hot chocolate bar and two photo booths. We figured our customers would be cold and would probably want to take home pictures from the event, so that was the least we could do.


    B&W Trailer HItches ProRodeo Serving Hot Cocoa Marshmallows


    Most people were shocked that the hot chocolate was free and thanked us over and over. They were equally shocked when they found out the photo booths were free. They would grab some hot chocolate, take pictures, grab their friends and come back to take more pictures.


    B&W Trailer Hitches Souvenir Photo from the NFR


    They also made it a point to tell us that they actually did buy our trailer hitches – as if they almost felt guilty enjoying the free hot chocolate and photo booths. Such nice people!


    When you go to an event like this, you almost expect to hear from someone who has a complaint. And we did – sort of – but even this gentleman was very respectful.


    He quietly pulled us aside and said, “I bought one of your hitches, but it doesn’t work right. It gets stuck. When I pull the handle, it’s supposed to pop up.”


    It became clear to us very quickly that he had one of our competitor’s hitches. Even our competitor’s customers who mistakenly complained to us were incredibly friendly!


    B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch


    In our Cowboy Christmas booth, cowboy poet Baxter Black embodied everything that B&W Trailer Hitches and our customers stand for – he’s a down-to-earth, friendly and patriotic cowboy who loves the western lifestyle. He couldn’t have been nicer as he greeted fans and signed copies of his new book, Poems Worth Saving.


    When we go to events like the NFR and have the opportunity to meet our customers face-to-face, we come home energized to do what we do because of those rewarding interactions.


    As we celebrate the holidays and toast the New Year, we want to thank you, our customers, for your kindness, passion, support and loyalty. We look forward to seeing and meeting more of you in 2014!