New Companion Slider 5th Wheel HItch Launched

New Companion Slider 5th Wheel HItch Launched

  • It is said to be “the world’s premier automotive aftermarket trade event”. The SEMA Show is the largest convention that B&W attends all year. We prepare to show the world our newest, innovative designs for the hitch industry. This particular year, however, we launched the first product to be asked for by name for over five years. Our customers have been subtly mentioning it at shows then flat out asking for it by email and finally hounding us with phone calls. We got the message. You wanted a slider.


    Now we have to apologize. Our response time was slow. We heard you, but we didn’t rush to deliver. We pride ourselves on customer service and in no way was our lack of urgency meant to upset you.


    However, we must tell you that we took our time on purpose. We started thinking about the slider five years ago when you started asking for it. We knew that it was going to be a tough project to tackle. We wanted to take on the challenge. We wanted to satisfy your RVing wants.


    We needed the time to think the design through. To craft a 5th wheel hitch that stood up to the B&W standard. It needed to be a Companion hitch. A 5th wheel hitch that has a tight connection preventing sloppy starts and stops and is also removable providing a level bed when you need it. And it needed to be the answer for truck owners with a short bed.


    So, as you can guess, this was an exciting SEMA Show for us this year. The unveiling of the new B&W Trailer Hitches 5th Wheel Hitch, the Companion Slider™. The engineers were on site to answer questions. The marketing team was available for comments, and distributors and dealers from across the country stopped in to get the skinny.


    Don’t worry; it will be up on our website for analyzing soon. We will keep you posted. Until then, here is a sneak peek.

    Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch