Motorcycle Straps on the Highway

Motorcycle Straps on the Highway

  •  Whenever I drive on a highway and see cars or trucks pulled over on the shoulder, I have to look the other way. I’m always afraid for those people. All it takes for something bad to happen is one driver who’s paying more attention their smartphone than the road.


    I have the same kind of reaction when I see a trailer flying down the highway with a motorcycle on it, and the only things preventing that motorcycle from tumbling down the black top are a few straps. It just looks so unsteady and unsafe.


    A few days ago, these two worlds collided.


    I was driving along the highway and saw a truck with an open trailer pulled over on the side of the road. They stopped to tighten the straps that were supposed to be keeping the motorcycle steady on the trailer.


    The first thing that popped into my head, as always, was how dangerous it is to stop on the highway like that. First, slowing down on a busy highway to pull over to the shoulder can lead to a massive, multi-vehicle accident.


    Once you’ve stopped, not only do you have cars and huge trucks zipping past you at 70-80 miles per hour or more, but you can feel the strong gusts that they create.


    Could you imagine trying to tighten the straps on a 500-pound motorcycle while you’re a few feet from heavy traffic that’s making the bike shake and sway?


    Motorcycle loaded in Trailer with straps 


    And what happens if you manage to retighten the straps and you’re ready to return to the highway? Good luck getting someone to slow down so you can get back on the road safely. The whole experience is a nightmare.


    But here’s the crazy thing. If you invested thousands of dollars in a motorcycle and noticed that the straps needed to be retightened while driving on a busy highway, would you do the same thing if you didn’t think you could make it to the next exit?


    I’m guessing the answer for the majority of us would be “yes.” We’re sensible, rational people who don’t want to be in danger, but we also want to protect our investment.


    Motorcycle loaded in Truck Bed with straps


    That’s one thing I love about the Biker Bar. It helps us avoid those unnecessary risks. The Biker Bar never needs to be retightened or secured, whether you’re using an open or enclosed trailer.


    Once you lock your Harley Davidson into place, it stays that way until you physically release it. You don’t have to think about it again, and you sure as heck don’t have to slow down, pull over and climb around a 500-pound bike.


    The Biker Bar is so much safer than straps – not just for the bikes, but for the riders – especially when you’re traveling long distances on highways. And that’s when you’re most likely to trailer your Harley anyway.


    Before you hit the highway for your next motorcycle adventure, please make sure you’re traveling as safely as possible. Ditch the straps. Use the Biker Bar.