Motorcycle Community Neglected Long Enough

Motorcycle Community Neglected Long Enough

  •  This week marks the launch of a new product. The Biker Bar. No, despite what the name might suggest, we did not open a drinking establishment.


    Twenty-four years ago B&W Trailer Hitches changed the way farmers, contractors, and horse enthusiasts pull a gooseneck trailer. And just over 10 years ago B&W created a way for RVers to use their truck bed for more than RVing. Thinking about trailer hitches, fifth wheel hitches and gooseneck hitches isn’t all we do. We make a point to think about why you are towing, what you are towing and how you are towing so that we can solve the problems that exist.  All of this thinking ensures that B&W Trailer Hitches are safer and more convenient to use.


    The motorcycle community has been neglected long enough! Trailering a motorcycle used to require straps. Straps were not made specifically for trailering motorcycles. They were made for multiple uses. Straps are great, for lots of things, but when it comes to your Harley Davidson are they the best option?


    The Biker Bar is designed specifically for trailering a Harley Davidson motorcycle. A neoprene-lined removable clamping bar attaches to the bike frame in a few seconds without a scratch.  Once the clamping bar is attached, simply drive into the trailer mounted plate while the automatic latch secures the bike in seconds. When you arrive at your destination, unlatch, drive out then remove the clamp from the bike. Load and unload while never getting off of your motorcycle.


    What has improved for the consumer? Everything. There won’t be any more balancing acts while trying to secure each individual strap. There won’t be a guessing game of exactly how to attach the strap to the bike so not to scratch it. There won’t be any more stopping to retighten straps. And the time it takes to load for a trip will be shorter. 


    And in true B&W fashion, the Biker Bar can be easily removed from the trailer floor freeing up your trailer for other loads.


    The mission with this product is to do no less for the consumer than what was done with the Turnoverball™ Gooseneck Hitches and Companion™ Fifth Wheel Hitches. Change the way people tow, for the better. 


    Biker Bar Rear View

    Biker Bar Trailer