Marketing Mishaps and Trailer Hitches

Marketing Mishaps and Trailer Hitches

  •  B&W Trailer Hitches received the following letter from one of our Companion fifth wheel hitch customers today:


    Hello B&W,

    Saw your ad in Trailer Life Magazine.  A few days later I came upon this back-up, I-17 North of Phoenix.  Here was the guy from your ad, one hand on the wheel, coffee in the other, toys in the ditch, toyhauler on the way to the junk yard.  I can just hear his wife; “next time keep your hands on the wheel and I will hold your coffee!”

    I am sure your ad people can do a better job for such a fine product.

    The best to you all,



    I have to admit, all of us in the Marketing Department got a chuckle from the letter (and the fact that the letter came with actual photographs showing the crumpled fifth-wheel trailer he encountered.)  It’s not that an accident is a laughing matter AT ALL.  It’s just that we never imagined that our ad photo would be blamed for an accident that a loyal customer just happened upon.


    In the development of the ad, I remember trying to decide what would make a driver look relaxed.  Even though we are a department of women, I know we tossed around the idea of making the driver a woman (‘so easy, even a woman can do it!’).  Don’t groan, we didn’t go with it.  We settled on a man with no lid on his coffee cup, obviously very comfortable pulling his fifth wheel trailer with one of our oh-so-smooth Companion Fifth Wheel Hitches.  Courtesy of McDonalds lawsuits, there is probably no American who hasn’t considered the idea of a lapful of hot coffee.


    So we will be more careful the next time we shoot photos for our ads.  We know that customers are watching and what we depict will be viewed as an endorsement of that behavior!  As far as trailer hitch marketing faux pas, this one is not the worst one I have been affiliated with.  I will share that one in the future, if you promise not to laugh.


    Oh well.  In the exciting world of marketing trailer hitches, I’m just glad someone remembered some of our work.