Lube Plates for Fifth Wheel RV's

Lube Plates for Fifth Wheel RV's

  • What is it?

    A lube plate is a thin, small, plastic or nylon ring that slips over the king pin of a fifth wheel RV trailer.


    What does it do for me?

    The lube plate acts as a cushion and a vibration barrier between your hitch head and the RV. It helps protect your fifth wheel trailer against friction and wear while adding an extra cushion against vibrations. It can also prevent scratches to the hitch head and make coupling to the trailer a little smoother. Once in place, a lube plate stays on the king pin until it needs to be replaced.


    Why should I use it instead of grease?

    Another option instead of a lube plate is greasing the head of your fifth wheel hitch, but grease tends to be messy. It gets all over your hitch, your truck and on you. Then it ends up on your clothes and in the cab of your truck. Lube plates install in a few seconds and are mess free. If you don’t use a lube plate, you need to regularly grease the head of your hitch.

    Relexis posted this about using grease on the RV.net online forum.

    “If you don’t use a lube plate, then you must apply lots of grease on the 5th wheel. Then, the grease will jump off the 5th wheel and attach itself to everything and everyone within spittin distance. I once watched the grease leap onto a lady walking past a truck in a Wally-World parking lot . . . . . . True Story. (tee-hee)”

    Keep in mind that although a lube plate will eliminate the mess of grease on the hitch head, there still needs to be some grease on the hitch jaws and the king pin where the jaws attach. If those parts are left dry, you’ll notice excessive wear over time.



    How do I get one?

    You can find lube plates at any RV parts store, or order online. Regular sizes for RV trailers are 8”, 10” and 12”. B&W offers a standard 8” nylon lube plate, as well as a 10” graphite version. Call us at 800-810-4918 or chat with us through our Live Chat function on our website. You can also pick one up from a local dealer. Click here to locate a dealer in your area.


    What size do I need?

    With three different sizes of RV lube plates available, it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that will fit just right. A basic recommendation is to choose a plate that doesn’t extend beyond the edges of the king pin box.


    How long do they last?

    Every RVing experience is different, but under normal circumstances, a lube plate should probably last up to a few years.