Is Your Trailer Floor Strong Enough For The Biker Bar?

Is Your Trailer Floor Strong Enough For The Biker Bar?

  •  Bad Trailer Floor

    This is not a good example of a suitable trailer bed.


    Ultimately, the Biker Bar is only as strong as the floor of your trailer. Attaching the Biker Bar base to an old, tired trailer with a questionable floor, or to a rickety homemade trailer, wouldn’t be a good idea. If you have a sturdy, well-built trailer from a respected manufacturer, the Biker Bar base will be perfectly secure when bolted in place. 


    A 3/4 inch plywood floor is typically strong enough to support the Biker Bar and your Harley. Two anchor plates are included that mount underneath the trailer floor and provide added strength when the Biker Bar base assembly is mounted. However, after your bike is loaded, if you pull on the side of it and it moves side to side, this means your floor is flexing and needs additional reinforcement.


    If you’re thinking about carrying your bike in the bed of a pickup, you’ll have to keep some other important considerations in mind. All pickup truck floors must be reinforced prior to installation because the metal is too thin to handle the stress. At least a 2’ x 3’ piece of 3/4 inch plywood should be used for that reinforcement. If you’re unable to get that amount of reinforcement under your truck bed, you should stick to a trailer to transport your bike. It’s a case of being better safe than sorry.


    One additional thought you should keep in mind is the condition of your trailer and its bed over the years. Depending on the road and weather conditions you travel in, along with the quality of your trailer, sooner or later parts are going to deteriorate. Wood may rot or splinter. Metal may become fatigued from normal road wear and tear. Like we said above, the Biker Bar is only as strong as what it’s attached to. A little diligence goes a long way.