Installing the New Gooseneck Hitches

Installing the New Gooseneck Hitches




    Why Should You Be Looking For It?


    If you haven’t heard B&W will be replacing the current GNRK1011 Turnoverball™ Gooseneck Hitch with a new model, the GNRK1012.  This new hitch will fit the same 2011-2012 Chevrolet & GMC ¾ and 1 ton HD Long and Short Bed Trucks.  The mounting kit (GNRM1012) will be paired with a new center section (GNRC912).


    Why We Created It

    Redesign of the 1011 was started in order to provide more stiffness in the hitch while spanning the widest truck frame on the market, as well as, poise ourselves for possible changes to SAE standards on testing in the future.  The current 1011 is very safe and the transition will be a running change.  We ask that you work through your inventory of 1011 hitches, and we will fill orders for 1011’s with the new 1012’s as 1011 supplies are depleted.  The price is the same as the 1011.


    The GNRC959 center section (the center section that GNRM1011 used) will still be paired up with GNRM1067, GNRM1104, GNRM1057, GNRM1059, and GNRM1007. The 1012 has the same hole location as the 1011 and weighs approximately 10lbs heavier.


    Installation Changes

    To help with installation, the hitch has an angle that is notched over the fuel tank and has an O-ring to help hold in place the bolt over the fuel tank.  In addition, the latch pin assembly will be bolted in place during the installation process.  We encourage you to read the installation instructions thoroughly before installing the new 1012.  You can find the 1012 installation instructions by following this link.



    As always, we strive to provide you with high quality hitches with great design and straight-forward installation.  We welcome all feedback from you regarding the GNRK1012. Please call us at 800.248.6564. 

    Thank you for your business.