"I went off the road in a snow-covered wheat field"

"I went off the road in a snow-covered wheat field"

  • Just over a week ago I was headed to the vet hauling a trailer loaded with three horses.  We'd had snow two nights before but the weather had cleared up, the sun had come out and the roads were completely dry...or so I thought. 


    After heading around a sharp curve at about 25 mph I started to accelerate to make it up a hill.  At the top of the hill I hadn't quite made it to the 45 mph speed limit and I saw in front of me a stretch of black ice on a straight away about 3 football fields long.  The wind must have blown snow across the road causing it to freeze overnight.  I tried to get the truck shut down before I got to the ice but there was no way.  I let off the brakes before hitting it but I was still going about 30 and the momentum of the trailer caused the truck to lose control as soon as the tires left pavement.

    I went off the road in a snow covered wheat field and jack-knifed to the left.  The weight of the trailer kept it going even after the truck had come to a stop.  The truck flipped on it's side and wedged up under the trailer but amazingly stayed coupled.  When the wrecker arrived, they were able to hook onto the axle of the trailer, flip the truck back upright and pull both trailer and truck out of the field still hitched together.

    After disconnecting the trailer from the truck the B&W Turnoverball appeared as if nothing had happened.  Then, after disassembling the truck bed it became obvious that the steel plate of the B&W Hitch had probably prevented the entire bed from being crushed like an accordion. 

    We currently own two 3/4 ton trucks and both have B&W Turnoverballs in them.  I'm sold on B&W and wouldn't choose to use anything else.

    Thanks for such a great product,
    Sara Miller

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