I Trailer My Harley Davidson

I Trailer My Harley Davidson

  • Hi, My Name is Bob, and I Trailer My Harley.


    It took a lot of guts for Bob to make that admission. Bob’s buddies always say, “You don’t trailer a Harley. You ride a Harley! What’s the point of getting a Harley Davidson if you’re gonna roll it onto a trailer?!”


    News flash to Bob’s buddies: When you’re done burping and scratching yourself, wake up and realize that it’s okay to trailer your Harley. In fact, it’s a good thing, especially if you want to protect your investment.


    Trailering your Harley doesn’t make you any less of a man. It doesn’t mean you have to trade in your six-pack of beer and porterhouse steak for a Shirley Temple and baked brie.


    If you’re travelling over a thousand miles to a biker rally, are you really going to ride your bike the whole way? If you’re going on a family vacation and want to bring your Harley, what’s the plan? Have your wife drive the minivan with the kids brawling in the back while you ride your Harley?


    Real men trailer their Harleys. Period.


    Now that we’re clear on this fact, you need to make sure you do it right. When you trailer your Harley, you need to know it’s locked in place. Straps won’t cut it. Straps grind your paint and chrome, and they’re never really 100% secure if you have to retighten them every hour.


    Strapping your Harley to a trailer is like hotwiring a car. You might be able to get it to work temporarily, but it can get you in serious trouble.


    Enter the Biker Bar from B&W Trailer Hitches. You can install it on your trailer by yourself. You can load and unload your Harley onto your trailer by yourself. Watch this video to see how easy it is to install and use.


    The Biker Bar keeps your bike securely latched while you go up and down steep terrain, and it allows extra space in your trailer to store other things. Why? No straps. No retightening straps. No tie downs, just an adjustable clamping bar with neoprene-lined clamps to prevent scratches.


    Here’s an idea. Install that bad boy, show your buddies how easily and securely your bike locks into place, and see if those geniuses still give you grief.


    The moral of the story? The fact that you trailer your Harley doesn’t need to be a secret between you and your wife. It’s a smart way to protect your investment. Whether you keep it to yourself or shout it from the mountaintops, just make sure you trailer your Harley the right way. Use the Biker Bar.