"I am positive the Turnoverball saved my wife's life last night."

"I am positive the Turnoverball saved my wife's life last night."

  • I can say with certainty that my coworkers at B&W are proud of the work we do and the trailer hitches we build. But every few weeks we will get an email that really makes our hearts swell.  I wanted to share this one in particular that came through with the bold headline above.


    "I had a B&W Turnoverball installed in my 2008 2500HD and I am positive it saved my wife's life last night.  She was in a bad accident with a U-Haul truck who decided to cut her off on the highway.  She was pulling our 32ft Big Tex trailer with a load of 5x8 fence posts.  The U-Haul flipped after she hit it and then my truck and trailer went into oncoming traffic and slammed into the guard rails.  The safety chains and coupler held on, but in the end, the coupler got ripped off the trailer.  If this hitch hadn't held up, I'm sure the trailer would have ended up crashing into the cab and seriously injuring my wife.  In my next truck I will definitely have another B&W hitch.
    Rob Eayre
    Clarksville, Tennessee"

    I'd like you to notice the deformed safety chain u-bolt in the picture below.  Though the hitch held together and absorbed the forces produced during the wreck, that single part had to perform in order to keep the trailer from running through the cab of the truck. 


    When Joe and Roger started building the gooseneck hitch that eventually became the Turnoverball, they sourced the safety chain u-bolt from BTM in Kansas City.  BTM has literally sold B&W millions of these safety chain u-bolts over the last 20+ years, and BTM consistently delivers a part that meets our specification.  


    My point is this:  in today's global marketplace it's not enough to just build the parts you make well, you must also ensure that the parts you buy are made well.  It's the reason we insist on buying American steel.  It helps to have partners you trust, like BTM, who've supplied us with quality u-bolts, even though they might not be the lowest bidder.  There are some things that you just don't skimp on.


    I'm sure Rob Eayre and his wife would agree.