How to Use the Biker Bar with Each Harley Davidson Model

How to Use the Biker Bar with Each Harley Davidson Model

  • More and more Harley Davidson motorcycle owners are learning how the Biker Bar makes life easier and less of a hassle when they trailer their bikes. To accommodate every rider and every Harley model, we’ve created a few variations of the Biker Bar. Here’s what you need to know.


    There are four types of Biker Bars.


    1)      The Dyna – Softail – V-Rod Biker Bar is the most universal, with a large radius clamp that fits Harleys with larger frame tubes.


    2)      The Sportster Biker Bar accommodates narrow frames by closing in the most.


    3)      The Touring Biker Bar has 1-inch radius clamps that fit Touring models.


    4)      The Custom Biker Bar has the largest radius to handle Harleys with larger frame rails.


    The Biker Bar also attaches to different Harley models in different places.

    Biker Bar and Base

    The Sportster and Dyna models have the Biker Bar attached towards the front of the frame, just behind the down tubes, while the Touring, Softail and V-Rod have it attached towards the back, about halfway down the transmission.


    On Touring bikes from 2011 and up, there’s a solid brake line held in place with plastic ties. The plastic tie on the frame under the transmission must be cut and removed to allow for the brake line to move about 1/4 inch so the Biker Bar can be cleanly clamped and removed.


    The base locking units are universal and fit all Biker Bars. The side plates adjust in height from 3 inches to 4 1/2 inches to fit motorcycles of various heights. Keep in mind that the Harley locks into place when you ride it into the clamp, so the height is set with the rider’s weight on the bike.


    Those are the basics that you need to know. It’s simple, really.


    That’s because the genius of the Biker Bar is in its simplicity. Instead of trying to split the atom, we just used common sense design and top-of-the-line materials to create a piece of equipment that’s sturdy and easy to use.


    Of course, if you’re not quite sure how to use the Biker Bar or you still have questions, our sales and tech support teams are here to help, so feel free to ask. It won’t be long before you’re trailering your Harley in a matter of seconds without wondering whether or not it’ll tip over.


    That’s what the Biker Bar is all about.