How to Convince your Significant Other to Take a Motorcycle Trip with You

How to Convince your Significant Other to Take a Motorcycle Trip with You

  • Using hard-earned vacation time to hit the road on your Harley Davidson with your significant other may sound like a dream come true to you. To her, it sounds like an experience that would rank right up there with watching you flip back and forth between Die Hard 3 and reruns of Deadliest Catch.


    Why does she not share your enthusiasm for a road trip on a Harley? Well, here are a few roadblocks you should be prepared for.


    • She can’t talk to you when you’re on a bike. This may be a positive for you, but she would like to have the occasional conversation.
    • She likes to feel pretty. Wind, bugs and dust blowing in her face for hours do not make her feel pretty.
    • She likes to feel pretty, part 2. Neither a helmet-induced hat head nor a wind-induced 1970s afro will make her feel pretty.
    • She likes to feel clean. Riding on a Harley can get really hot and really sweaty really fast. This is not a turn on.
    • Her back, legs and rear end get tired and sore. The back of a Harley isn’t quite as comfortable as a lounge chair at a resort.
    • She doesn’t want to burn her leg on the tail pipe – again. If you don’t think it hurts, try the backseat for 50 miles or so.
    • She doesn’t think bumping helmets is a sign of affection. She finds it – and you – extremely annoying.

    Yes, the deck is stacked against you. No, your dream of a motorcycle road trip is not dead – as long as you’re willing to give a little. For every action movie, you need endure a little Project Runway.


    First, make sure she knows that every minute of the trip will not be spent on your Harley. Let’s face it, the only way to go on a cross-country trip – or even halfway across the country – is by trailering your Harley.


    As long as you use the Biker Bar when it’s time to trailer your bike, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to strap it down and then retightening the straps. Just roll it into your trailer and it lock in place, and then release it with your foot when you’re ready to take it back on the road.


    Also, when you use the Biker Bar, you’ll have room in the trailer to bring plenty of her stuff. Instead of limiting her to whatever you can strap to your bike, let her bring four bags of luggage. Who cares? Just be happy she’s going with you.


    Make sure you tell her about Butler Motorcyle Maps. It’s a phenomenal resource for finding some of the most breathtaking scenes in the country, and it’ll definitely get her more excited about the trip. The memories you make along these lost highways and beautiful landscapes will stay with you for the rest of your life.


    Butler Maps


    Whether you plan the trip or wing it, let her decide where to stay and where to eat. This way, it becomes a vacation for both of you. If she’s willing to spend hours on the back of a Harley to make you happy, the least you could do is let her pamper herself in five-star accommodations and restaurants.


    Remember, she likes to feel pretty. If she wants to spend an afternoon at the spa, let her enjoy it. She just might need a massage to recover from all that time on the road. While she’s at the spa, you can go for your own personal adventure on your Harley. Win-win.


    A little compromise, a little sensitivity and the Biker Bar can make your dream of a motorcycle road trip a reality. Play your cards right and she may just want to go with you again.


    What’s your advice for coaxing the wife or lady friend to go on a Harley trip?