How the Biker Bar Makes Hauling your Motorcycle Easier

How the Biker Bar Makes Hauling your Motorcycle Easier

  •  Anyone who loves to ride knows that part of the joy of having a motorcycle is the freedom of being on the open road and going from point A to point B with the wind in your face. Throwing a leg over your bike, settling onto the seat and taking off down the long thread of a highway is the easy part.


    But what about those occasional times it becomes necessary to load your bike into a trailer? Whether it’s just a matter of getting to a particular destination or dealing with the unfortunate trek to a garage for repairs, that’s when things get a little more complicated.


    Strapping a motorcycle to a trailer is typically a two-person job, not only to make sure it’s secure, but also to avoid damaging paint, chrome and leather. Along with the straps and the hassle they include, you have to deal with a wheel chock and whatever other equipment is needed to keep your bike steady. And then while traveling, those straps need to be checked and tightened on a regular basis.


    The Biker Bar makes strapping a motorcycle unnecessary. You install the latching system to the floor of your trailer with two bolts, attach the steel Biker Bar to your motorcycle’s frame with neoprene, cushioned clamps and ride your motorcycle into place. The Biker Bar automatically locks into the latching system. Unlock with your foot to unload your bike just as quickly.


    Loading and unloading your motorcycle takes less than a minute and you’ll never have to stop to tighten straps again.


    Next time somebody asks you about the easiest way to strap down a motorcycle, tell them they shouldn’t be strapping it down. Introduce them to the Biker Bar.