How Do I Trailer Thee Harley? Let Me Count The Ways…

How Do I Trailer Thee Harley? Let Me Count The Ways…

  • As shocking as it may seem, the Biker Bar isn’t the only piece of equipment on the market that will haul your motorcycle from point A to point B. The alternatives include specialty motorcycle trailers, enclosed trailers built just for motorcycles and manufacturer-installed E-track tie-down systems.


    You can even rent a motorcycle trailer from U-Haul – if your bike is under 950 pounds, or your idea of a bike is a Schwinn and not a Harley.


    There are definitely some quality products from respected brands that can help you get your motorcycle where it needs to go. Here are a few that you should know:


    Kendon Motorcycle Trailers

    Kendon has been offering durable, innovative stand-up motorcycle trailers and motorcycle lifts for more than 20 years. Kendon Single, Dual and Limited Edition Ride-Up SRL Stand-Up trailers are similar in function to the Biker Bar because riders can basically roll their bikes into place. Kendon motorcycle trailers are also available specifically for dirt bikes, sport bikes and choppers.


    Haulmark Motorcycle Trailers

    At ROT Rally 2013, we had a chance to speak with the folks from Haulmark, who make two great utility motorcycle trailers – the V-Nose and Edge Low Haulers. The Haulmark motorcycle trailer is like a garage on wheels, with interior lights, a helmet storage cabinet, wheel chocks and tie-downs. We also love Haulmark motorcycle trailers because the Biker Bar can be easily installed inside.


    Motorcycle E-Track Tie-Down Systems

    If you absolutely insist on using straps to trailer your motorcycle, many trailer manufacturers will install e-track tie down systems. These systems are definitely a step up from cheap hardware store straps, offering plenty of strap sizes, mounting holes and fitting positions to ensure that your bike is tied down as securely and effectively as possible.


    Biker Bar

    What our customers love most about the Biker Bar is its simplicity. It’s a rugged steel clamping bar that installs easily. You can load your Harley into your motorcycle trailer and unload in seconds – without straps. The Biker Bar – several Biker Bars, in fact – can be used in virtually any trailer or garage. It only comes into contact with your Harley on the bottom of the frame and uses neoprene-lined clamps, making it virtually impossible to damage your bike.


    Of course, we love the Biker Bar. But we don’t live under a rock. These are a few alternatives for trailering your motorcycle. Do a little research to make sure you understand the pros and cons of each before you make your purchase, and let us know if you have any questions.