How an Adjustable Trailer Hitch Makes Life Easier

How an Adjustable Trailer Hitch Makes Life Easier

  • Chrome Tri Ball


    B&W's Chrome Tow & Stow with three ball sizes to choose from. 


    It always helps to have options. You don’t just have one pair of boots. Your lawn mower doesn’t just have one cutting height. And with an adjustable trailer hitch, you’re not limited to one height or one ball size.


    Instead of having a different hitch or a different ball mount for every towing job, one adjustable trailer hitch will do the job of many without increasing the risk of an accident or damage to your hitch and trailer.


    The B&W Tow & Stow adjustable trailer hitch takes the convenience and flexibility factor a step further. It doesn’t just provide three ball sizes and allow for a bunch of height adjustments in one-inch increments. The B&W Tow & Stow hitch can also be stowed away when you’re not towing.


    Maybe you say to yourself, “I don’t mind if the hitch is sticking out from the bumper of my truck.” Bang your shin on that hitch one time and you’ll change your tune. Why not just take a minute to stow the ball mount under your vehicle? It’s better than removing the hitch and possibly losing it.


    B&W's Tow & Stow in the stowed position, out of the way of your shins.


    It’s also better than getting a ticket. Yes, some states are actually considering legislation that would require the trailer hitch to be removed when not in use. Not only can the hitch cause serious injury, but if you back into another vehicle, you’ll do a lot more damage with a trailer hitch sticking out of your bumper.


    You have to think the insurance companies are making a big stink about that. And maybe they should. Why give them an excuse to raise rates? And if any of those laws pass, why not make sure you’re covered with an adjustable trailer hitch that doesn’t have to be removed?


    There’s no need to have different hitches and ball mounts for your pop-up camper, your boat and your utility trailer. Make life easier with an adjustable trailer hitch like the B&W Tow & Stow.