Head-Leveling Kit Makes it Easier to Hook Up Companion and Patriot 16K Hitches

Head-Leveling Kit Makes it Easier to Hook Up Companion and Patriot 16K Hitches

  • If you own any of our Companion™fifth-wheel trailer hitches or our Patriot 16K™ rail mounted fifth-wheel trailer hitch, you will notice that the head is capable of moving side to side and pivoting forward and backward.


     This is a great thing for keeping your ride smooth when going down the road. However, the head tends to tilt forward when you are trying to connect the trailer. This can make it difficult to line up the king pin and move your truck into place so the jaws of the king pin connect

    To simplify hooking up to all B&W fifth-wheel hitches, we’re including a Head Leveling Kit with each hitch at no charge.

    B&W Trailer Hitches 5th Wheel Hitch Head Leveling Kit

    When you’re ready to connect your trailer to your Companion or Patriot 16K fifth-wheel hitch, the head leveling kit does exactly what the name implies – it keeps the head nice and level.


    Companion 5th Wheel Hitch Head Leveling Kit Video

    Watch as our guest installer, Chris Long, guides you through the quick installation.


    All you need is a:

     - ruler or tape measure

     - a hammer

     - 7/16-inch wrench and socket

    to use this simple spring and clip mechanism on the driver’s side arm on the forward flange. Watch this video for simple instructions that show you how to install the head leveling kit so you can secure the head in a flat position as you back the truck into the trailer.


    Please keep in mind that our Head Leveling Kit only works with B&W fifth-wheel hitches. It comes standard in the box with your hitch, and it can be ordered to retrofit an older hitch – a nice little bonus we provide to our customers to make it easier to use our fifth-wheel hitches.


    If you need a head leveling kit for your B&W Companion™ or Patriot 16K™ fifth-wheel trailer hitch, please call us at 1.800.248.6564. We’ll be happy to send one to you at no charge.