Dealer Thanks B&W Trailer Hitches for "Saving My Life"

Dealer Thanks B&W Trailer Hitches for "Saving My Life"

  •  Sometimes we receive emails from our friends and dealers that let us know how we are doing. And sometimes we receive a note that gives us the chills. Below is Zachary's letter about a recent accident on our U.S. roads. 


    My name is Zachary Shoaf with Shoaf Trailer Repair, LLC. in London, Ohio and I am a dealer for you guys. I am always bragging on how good of a hitch it is and will not install anything but a B & W. On January 24th I found out first hand why your hitch is the best. I was on my way to Columbus to pick up a load of parts from one of my distributors. (I even waited an hour to leave so that I would not have to fight rush hour traffic) I was in the right or slow lane if you will getting ready to exit off of the freeway going approximately 45-50 mph when a truck pulled out from behind me to pass. When he did he cut off another car going 65 mph and caused him to spin out of control and hit my driver’s side rear tire which caused me to start spinning and my 25' gooseneck flatbed to jack knife. I then crossed 2 lanes of traffic and slammed into the 5' high concrete divider in the middle of the freeway. If you look @ the attached pictures you can tell that the front corner of the trailer came through the driver’s door. There is not a doubt in my mind if my hitch would have broken that the trailer would have come on in the cab. I walked away without a scratch and amazingly enough after getting my truck and trailer back to my shop the hitch still works like nothing ever happened. Oh the Truck and Trailer were both totaled.

    Thanks again,



    Zachary Shoaf, Owner
    Shoaf Trailer Repair, LLC.
    London, Ohio 43140



    Gooseneck Trailer Accident

    Gooseneck Coupler attached to Turnoverball

    Gooseneck Trailer Dodge Truck Accident


    Zachary, we are so thankful that you walked away from this accident. We take these kinds of letters very seriously and we are glad you took the time to let us know what happened. We want you to know that we understand how dangerous our highways can be, and that's why we strive to make a hitch you can trust. 


    It's good for us to be reminded of what's at stake when we put a product on the road. The photos of the accident have been posted to do just that. Remind us of the people that we create these products for. That's one of the reasons we make our hitches all right here in Humboldt, KS.