Confessions of Sturgis Salesmen

Confessions of Sturgis Salesmen

  • We made our debut with The Biker Bar at Sturgis last week, and by all accounts, it was a hit.  We sold all the inventory of one model (for Harley Davidson touring bikes) and our maintenance-guy-turned-sales-guy, Joe Jefferis, did free installations in some pretty crazy conditions on trailers ranging from homemade utility trailers to tricked-out toyhaulers.  There’s no doubt we made some new friends.   “We passed out so many brochures, business cards, and beer koozies, and demonstrated how it works many, many times,” according to Charl Hill, Biker Bar salesman, “we should see residual sales from this trip for a long time.”


    Paul Jaffe, custom bike builder, stopped by the booth and was intrigued with the Biker Bar.  “We donated one to him in hopes he will use it with his bikes and want more.  Hopefully we can get some good press from him,” according to Hill.   Jesse James Dupre and his crew also stopped to check out the Biker Bar, and expressed interest, as well as American Bagger Magazine.


    According to Jefferis, the B&W brand means something to some in the motorcycle rally world, too.  “Several people stopped because they saw our B&W logo and wanted to see our new product.”  The Biker Bar trailer is equipped with a six foot B&W logo inside the trailer behind the featured motorcycle, as well as smaller ones on the outside of the trailer.


    From all accounts, our location at Full Throttle was a winner.  Estimates of over 500,000 Sturgis attendees translates into lots of traffic for a booth, especially since our booth was near the restrooms!  According to Hill, “everybody makes it to the Full Throttle at least once during their trip.  Next year we’re working on a location out front where there are fewer booths. We may be able to get more attention there.” 


    Though it may seem like a glamorous assignment, the trip was no picnic.  The rally lasted 10 days and the booth had to be manned more than 12 hours a day. That work schedule was sandwiched by two long drives through Nebraska and South Dakota.  According to Jefferis, “It was cold at night and I slept on a blow-up mattress the whole time.”  But the trip brought some excitement, too:


    • One night it rained and the truck and trailer had to be rescued by a wrecker since it was sliding down a hill sideways.
    • There was only one communal shower at the campground where they stayed.
    • The stainless steel table they took reflected the sun and burned the inside of their noses.

    “We learned a lot from this trip.  We’re going to make some modifications to the aluminum motorcycle display stand.  And we’re definitely going to look for something to cover up that shiny table,” added Hill.