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Towing and Turning, Part 2: Equipment that Makes It Easier

  • In Part 1 of this post, we discussed the basics of turning while towing a trailer, from taking wide turns, to using the mirrors to monitor the path of your trailer, to simply taking some time to practice. Tips and advice are helpful, but B&W Trailer Hitches has manufactured products that make towing and turning easier and smoother.


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    Towing and Turning, Part 1: How to Do It Right

  • For some people, turning while towing a trailer can be an adventure. To be fair, just about everything about driving is more difficult or complicated when you have a trailer hitched to the back of your vehicle. Simply driving straight and coming to a stop feels different.


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    Gooseneck Hitches 101

  • Ask the average person to picture a trailer hitch and they’ll think of a steel ball on the back of a vehicle or the bumper. Unlike these hitches, gooseneck hitches are anchored through the bed of a truck near the frame and axle – the strongest part of the vehicle – which is why the rating for gooseneck hitches is typically higher than any other hitch.

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    Why Owning a Pickup Truck Does Not Make You a Towing Expert

  • Just like our society seems to presume guilt by association, we also tend to presume expertise by association.


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    Dealer Thanks B&W Trailer Hitches for "Saving My Life"

  •  Sometimes we receive emails from our friends and dealers that let us know how we are doing. And sometimes we receive a note that gives us the chills. Below is Zachary's letter about a recent accident on our U.S. roads. 

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    Choose Wisely: Keep Tow Ratings in Mind when Choosing Vehicle


    Reprinted with permission, 2013 Trailer Life, Guide to Towing

    There are many variables to consider when selecting the proper tow vehicle for your application. Among them are budget, brand and towing capacity — and it’s important to examine them all carefully before making a purchase. Going through the effort to better understand each variable and to account for all of them up front will lead to a more pleasant trailering experience.

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    Trailer Hitches Should be Researched

  •  Have you ever read a lie on the internet? Maybe you did and you knew it right away. Maybe you did and you ingested the information only to find out later that what you had believed all along was not true.

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    Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Receiver Hitch

  •  The other day we were asked by a magazine to rank the top five considerations when buying a receiver hitch. Would you like to know what we said?

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    "I went off the road in a snow-covered wheat field"

  • Just over a week ago I was headed to the vet hauling a trailer loaded with three horses.  We'd had snow two nights before but the weather had cleared up, the sun had come out and the roads were completely dry...or so I thought. 

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    "I am positive the Turnoverball saved my wife's life last night."

  • "I had a B&W Turnoverball installed in my 2008 2500HD and I am positive it saved my wife's life last night.  

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