Buying a New RAM Truck? You Have Options! And Not Just Factory Options…

Buying a New RAM Truck? You Have Options! And Not Just Factory Options…

  • When buying a new RAM truck, the dealership might present you with a lot of factory options. One of those might be their tow prep option, or tow group. We know you have a lot of things to think about when you are in that dealer’s showroom, so allow us to spell out the specifics for you to think about ahead of time.


    This Tow prep option will place a framework under the bed of your truck to prepare it for gooseneck or 5th wheel towing.  What that means to you is that they will place five holes in your truck bed, four that are puck ready in four corners for a fifth wheel and one in the center for a gooseneck. You can’t choose between a fifth wheel and a gooseneck prep package, you get all five holes. They provide plastic caps to fill these holes should you not need them.


    RAM Tow Package with five holes in the truck bed


    The tow group is priced at $400, but if you want to tow a gooseneck hitch you will need to purchase Ram’s gooseneck ball and safety chain kit which for an additional $250. This ball must be removed when you aren’t using it, and Ram provides you with a bag to place the greasy ball in when not in use.


    RAM Tow Package ball and safety chain kit


    If you intend to tow a fifth wheel RV, you can choose the Mopar Picture Frame that uses the four outer holes and essentially creates rails in your truck that you can then mount a fifth wheel hitch onto. This Picture Frame retails for $550.


    RAM Picture Frame Mounting for Fifth Wheel Hitches


    Is it just me, or does it seem like the Ram options take us back in time? 


    Over 25 years ago, B&W changed gooseneck towing by designing a hitch that allows you to turn the ball over and store it where it’s used … in the bed of the truck.  The Turnoverball has been widely embraced as the best-selling gooseneck hitch in America for many years. 


    B&W Turnoverball in RAM Truck


    Then, 15 years ago, B&W transformed fifth wheel hitches by moving away from rails to a simpler, single-point attachment to the truck. The Companion is removable and leaves your bed with only a single hole when removed.


    B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch with Single Point Attachment


    The RAM hitch mounting that goes under the bed was made by one of our competitors in China. This same competitor announced the closing of their last American factory in 2013 when they laid off over 450 workers.


    You have another hitch option! That option is to politely decline Ram’s towing package and call your local B&W Trailer Hitch dealer. They will outfit your truck for towing with a simple and straightforward hitch package that was designed for convenience, and a quiet, smooth ride. And did we mention it’s all made right here in Humboldt, KS.


    Questions? Call us at 800-810-4918. We are always happy to answer.


    *2013 RAM trucks were redesigned with a new chassis, so B&W designed new Turnoverball models to properly fit the new RAMs. We now offer the Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Model 1314 for all 2013-2014 RAM 3500 trucks, and the Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Model 1384 for 2014 RAM 2500 3/4-ton long and short bed trucks.  Our single point attachment Companion will plug into either of these.