Biker Bar Cost vs. Biker Bar Value

Biker Bar Cost vs. Biker Bar Value

  • We won’t beat around the bush. The Biker Bar costs $350.


    We’re very upfront about the price because we believe the Biker Bar is one of the best investments you can make if you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


    We could go on about the solid steel construction, the neoprene-lined clamps and other materials used to manufacture the Biker Bar – and those things are not insignificant – but the true value of the Biker Bar goes far beyond what went into making it.


    B&W's Biker Bar trailering system.


    Do you remember how much you paid for your Harley? Do you know what it’s worth now?


    At the cash register, a new 2013 Harley Davidson will cost you anywhere from around $8,000 to more than $30,000.


    But what’s the value of your Harley to you? How much does it really mean to you?


    We’re pretty confident that you can’t put a price tag on the experience of cruising down the open road for about 100 miles on a crisp autumn afternoon.


    Moving to the nightmare scenario, how much would it cost to fix your Harley?


    Picture it. You’re driving along with your Harley in the trailer and you have to slam the brakes when some clown runs a stop sign at the intersection just ahead. Maybe you’re at home, moving stuff in and out of the garage, and your Harley gets bumped.


    With the Biker Bar, your bike remains stable and standing. There is no worrying about strap rash either. How much is your peace of mind worth?


    Harley Davidson motorcycle with strap rash

    Harley Davidson tank damaged by a strap.


    Suppose you go the cheaper route and tie down your Harley with straps. How much is your time worth? Think about the time you spend with straps every single time you load and unload your bike, and every time you have to stop to tighten the straps, especially when you’re on vacation. With the Biker Bar you can load and unload your Harley in under a minute and never have to stop to retighten straps.


    The value of your Harley goes way beyond dollar signs. So does the value of the Biker Bar.


    Doesn’t it make sense to make a relatively small investment to safeguard such an important part of your life?

    Harley Davidson loaded in a trailer with the Biker Bar