Battling Old Man Winter to Get to the V-Twin Expo

Battling Old Man Winter to Get to the V-Twin Expo

  • By Joe Jefferis, Biker Bar Sales


    I love going to events like the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati because the motorcycle community is such a genuinely fun and friendly group of people. But this bear of a winter made the trek to Cincinnati more of an adventure than I would have liked.


    I had a late start on February 5 – the event was February 8 and 9 – but because of the horrible road conditions, I’m glad I left when I did. What should have been a 9 1/2-hour drive turned into a 12-hour, energy drinking, wishing I had never quit smoking, white knuckle ride of a lifetime.


    My one-ton, four-wheel-drive truck and trailer didn’t like the small patches of ice. Maybe they were freaked out because there seemed to be a car, truck or 18-wheeler stuck in a ditch every few miles. It was like a scene from a war movie. The carnage was everywhere.


    B&W Biker Bar Trailer Loaded B&W Biker Bar Truck and Trailer headed to V-Twin Expo


    When I finally pulled into the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, I was able to relax, talk about the Biker Bar and let people give it a try. The V-Twin Expo is a trade show packed with v-twin manufacturers, builders, designers, distributors, retailers and a bunch of people like me who have products for motorcycles.


    The great thing about this event is that it’s not just the big corporations in attendance. You get to meet the small-time operators – regular guys – who are developing truly innovative products, from wheels and lubricants to shock absorbers and exhaust systems.


    Harley Davidson introduced its first V-twin-powered motorcycle more than 100 years ago, so you can really appreciate the history behind the V-Twin Expo. Of course, anyone who had a Harley at the event, V-twin or not, was amazed by the simplicity and reliability of the Biker Bar.


    At the end of the event, as the chill set in and snow started to fall, my appreciation for the Biker Bar was kicked up a notch. After riding our show bike down the road to our trailer in frigid conditions, it was nice to be able to load the Harley in the trailer in about 30 seconds, thanks to the Biker Bar.


    Look for us at events all year and watch our Biker Bar videos. It’s a product you really need to see to fully appreciate.