5th Wheel Hitches, Truck Beds and Semi's?

5th Wheel Hitches, Truck Beds and Semi's?

  • Have you ever had your past creep back up on you? It can stir up a trail mix of thoughts. Well, this happened to us just last week. Doug Doolin, from Texas, stopped by the factory to see Roger and Joe. As many of you know, Roger stops in from time to time, but he sold the company to Joe some time ago.  


    Doug mentioned that he had purchased a truck bed 14 years ago and wanted to stop in and say hi. Curiosity piqued Amy’s interest. Amy, our receptionist extraordinaire, looked out the window and saw his Semi Truck with its custom B&W Truck Bed parked in our visitor parking lot.


    “I thought it was cool he stopped in, it was neat to see. We don’t usually make truck beds for Semi’s” Amy said about her encounter with Doug.


    They went outside to take a look at the 14 year old truck bed and discussed its features. Doug uses the Semi to haul his Jeep and 5th Wheel Trailer.  When the 16,000 pound bed was finished being constructed our forklift at the time had a difficult time placing it on the truck. The B&W mud flaps had to have metal extensions to hang at the appropriate level and Doug is still using them today. It has been painted once over the years and he’s still very happy with it. When he arrived at the factory, Doug mentioned that his bed was a one-time deal.


    “It really was a one-time deal” Amy said. 


    It’s actually a one-of- a-kind. Doug’s truck bed is the only one B&W has ever made for a Semi to pull a fifth wheel trailer and a Jeep. And he uses our 5th Wheel Hitches. He’s got a B&W Flatbed Companion™


    Thanks for the look back in history Doug. We enjoyed having our past walk through the door last week. We are glad you stopped in to say hi.


    B&W Truck Bed

     Doug's Semi Truck with his 14 year old B&W Custom Truck Bed. Doug stopped by the factory this week to say hi and tell us that he's still loving his custom truck bed.