5 Cool Things about a Motorcycle Rally

5 Cool Things about a Motorcycle Rally

  • We. Love. Motorcycle. Rallies. It’s that simple. The people, the energy, the passion, the spirit and, of course, the bikes give you chills. It’s our opportunity to have real conversations with bikers to get a better sense of what makes you tick, and we love to see the look on people’s faces when they try the Biker Bar on their Harley Davidson motorcycles for the first time.


    It’s really tough to narrow down a list of cool things about a motorcycle rally to five, but we did our best. Feel free to add to the list


    People Watching


    You think the people you see during Mardi Gras turn heads? Try Sturgis or the ROT Rally. The cast of characters you see at motorcycle rallies are unlike people you’ll see at any other type of event, bar none. And the funny thing about it is this – they’re not just hardcore bikers.


    Expect to see young adults and grandparents, from plumbers and bus drivers to attorneys and Wall Street traders. From long hair and long beards to clean cut and clean shaven. From party-crazed, wild men and women to people you would mistake for your next store neighbors. And if you look hard enough, you’ll probably see a celebrity or two.


    See Something You’ve Never Seen Before


    A motorcycle rally is the place to find the newest bike products and gear. This is where manufacturers and distributors launch new merchandise, show off their stuff and try to start a buzz with their best customers. You’ll find everything from high performance parts to shades and shot glasses. This is how thousands of people have been introduced to the Biker Bar.


    Aside from the motorcycle vendors and their wares, you’re likely to get wind of a special place to take your bike for a once-in-a-lifetime journey, whether it’s a major ride or a side trip. And you’ll know it’s worth experiencing the ride for yourself because the people at rallies live for this stuff.


    Bragging Rights


    A motorcycle rally is the ultimate place to show off your bike. This is why you spend every free hour riding, cleaning, fine tuning or just staring at your motorcycle. Whether you ride one of the hottest new models, a decades-old legend of the road, or a bike that falls somewhere in the middle, this is where you can impress people who really appreciate it.


    But the bragging doesn’t end with the bikes. Everybody wants to have the best of something, whether we’re talking about tattoos, leather jackets, helmets, battle scars or tales of the road. Most of these “competitions” aren’t necessarily official, but they’re still a good time.


    Fun Off the Road


    Concerts every day and night featuring big name rock and country bands. Regional food and drink from the best local hangouts. Bike shows and parades. Biker gear and apparel from national and independent brands. The best tattoo artists from all over the country. Stunt riders and daredevils. A motorcycle rally is a massive, 24-7 party that doesn’t end until the last bike rolls out of town.


    Passion and Patriotism


    People who show up at a motorcycle rally are as passionate about their bikes as you are. They have an entire wing of their garage – or a separate trailer – dedicated to their motorcycle, gear and accessories. You could sit down and talk for hours, sharing stories about the sights you’ve seen, the terrain you’ve conquered, and the roads you’ve traveled.


    The passion for bikes is matched by real American pride. At a motorcycle rally, “Made in America” is more than a slogan that comes out to play on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. The freedom of the open road is a way of life. The American flag is worn like a badge of honor, and products manufactured in the United States reign supreme.


    What’s your favorite part of a motorcycle rally?