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B&W Sponsors Rodeo Team in PRCA Champions Challenge

  • The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) has launched the Wrangler Champions Challenge, a made-for-TV series of rodeo competitions to be broadcast on CBS Sports Net. The Champions Challenge will live up to its name, featuring the biggest names in rodeo, including all eight reigning PRCA world champions.


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    Battling Old Man Winter to Get to the V-Twin Expo

  • I love going to events like the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati because the motorcycle community is such a genuinely fun and friendly group of people. But this bear of a winter made the trek to Cincinnati more of an adventure than I would have liked.


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    Towing and Turning, Part 2: Equipment that Makes It Easier

  • In Part 1 of this post, we discussed the basics of turning while towing a trailer, from taking wide turns, to using the mirrors to monitor the path of your trailer, to simply taking some time to practice. Tips and advice are helpful, but B&W Trailer Hitches has manufactured products that make towing and turning easier and smoother.


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    Miss Rodeo Kansas Visits the B&W Trailer Hitches Plant!

  • Katera Harter, the reigning Miss Rodeo Kansas 2014, has a pretty hectic schedule. She expects to attend 30-40 rodeos this year, including nearly all PRCA-sanctioned rodeos in Kansas, as well as rodeo events throughout the country.


     Miss Rodeo Kansas side

    Miss Rodeo Kansas Katera Harter Visits The B&W Trailer Hitch Plant!



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    Towing and Turning, Part 1: How to Do It Right

  • For some people, turning while towing a trailer can be an adventure. To be fair, just about everything about driving is more difficult or complicated when you have a trailer hitched to the back of your vehicle. Simply driving straight and coming to a stop feels different.


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    Pay Attention to Weight Distribution When You Load Your Trailer

  • In a previous post, we discussed the importance of getting your weight under control by learning the language of towing, especially those terms related to weight. Now it’s time to start putting some of that language to good use so you can load your trailer the right way.


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    The Readers of Trailer Life Have Spoken

  • Every time B&W Trailer Hitches has developed a fifth-wheel hitch, we’ve been driven by the same goal – creating a smooth, worry-free ride for our customers.


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    Gooseneck Hitches 101

  • Ask the average person to picture a trailer hitch and they’ll think of a steel ball on the back of a vehicle or the bumper. Unlike these hitches, gooseneck hitches are anchored through the bed of a truck near the frame and axle – the strongest part of the vehicle – which is why the rating for gooseneck hitches is typically higher than any other hitch.

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