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Head-Leveling Kit Makes it Easier to Hook Up Companion and Patriot 16K Hitches

  • If you own any of our Companion™fifth-wheel trailer hitches or our Patriot 16K™ rail mounted fifth-wheel trailer hitch, you will notice that the head is capable of moving side to side and pivoting forward and backward.




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    Planning the Ultimate Harley Road Trip

  • Let your Harley road trip take you off the beaten path and introduce you to lost highways, untouched landscapes, rugged mountain country, and unknown roads that naturally wind through spectacular hills and valleys.

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    Keep Wedges Out of Your Companion Fifth-Wheel Hitch


    Companion 5th Wheel HItch Coupler Head with Wedge in it

    You may have heard about a few extended pin boxes that have been designed to increase turning clearance between your truck and fifth wheel RV when towing. These extended pin boxes use a wedge in the fifth wheel hitch head to stop the rotation of the king pin in the pin box. This moves the pivot point from the jaws of the hitch to a point further back on the pin box.



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    New Tow-Rating Standard to Be Adopted By Truck Manufacturers

  • Trucks make a lot of money for manufacturers and dealerships. How can you not elevate your own awesomeness and manliness when you’re driving the powerhouse of a truck that can tow a cruise ship up the side of a rugged mountain in a blizzard?

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