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The Best Christmas Gift For A Man

  • What is the best Christmas gift for a man? A new staple gun? Socks? One of those blanket throws you think he might wrap up in when he’s on the couch for Sunday afternoon football? Nah. The best Christmas gift for a man should be manly, something heavy duty and made out of steel. Get him a Tow & Stow from B&W. Because he can’t hook up his boat trailer to his truck with a piece of camouflage fleece.


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    Unveiling The New Patriot Slider

  • HUMBOLDT, Kan., Oct. 28, 2014—B&W Trailer Hitches, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heavy-duty, engineered trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, announced that it will introduce its new 18,000-pound Patriot rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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    Baja Team Competes

  • The main goal of B&W is to produce and market the best trailer hitches on the market. Accomplishing that goal requires good people with a variety of production, design and engineering skills. Contributing to university engineering programs and competitions is a good way to help develop people with those needed skills.



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    Will A Fifth Wheel Hitch Work With An Auxiliary Fuel Tank?

  • Aux. Fuel Tank

    Transfer Flow Inc. TFI L shaped fuel tank with the B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch.


    Ever wonder if you can use an auxiliary fuel tank in your truck bed along with your fifth wheel hitch.? Turns out you can! According to Ben Winter, Project Manager for Transfer Flow Inc., their TFI L shaped tanks will fit in your truck bed along with your fifth wheel hitch, giving you added fuel capacity to reach your favorite destination.

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    How an Adjustable Trailer Hitch Makes Life Easier

  •  Chrome Tri Ball

    B&W's Chrome Tow & Stow with three ball sizes to choose from. 


    It always helps to have options. You don’t just have one pair of boots. Your lawn mower doesn’t just have one cutting height. And with an adjustable trailer hitch, you’re not limited to one height or one ball size.

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    What's the Easiest Way to Tie Down a Motorcycle?

  •  Let’s be honest. Tying down a motorcycle isn’t easy. First of all, it’s two-person job. If we’re talking about the easiest way to tie down a motorcycle, shouldn’t one person be able to do it?

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    What Is An Adjustable Ball Mount?

  • The ball mount is the part of the hitch system that connects the hitch ball to the trailer coupler when towing from the bumper. An adjustable ball mount gives you the flexibility of multiple ball sizes and enables you to make height adjustments to keep your trailer level. This reduces the risk of an accident and minimizes the strain on your trailer and hitch.

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    Is Your Trailer Floor Strong Enough For The Biker Bar?


    Ultimately, the Biker Bar is only as strong as the floor of your trailer. Attaching the Biker Bar base to an old, tired trailer with a questionable floor, or to a rickety homemade trailer, wouldn’t be a good idea. 

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    Teri's Ice Bucket Challenge

  • At B&W we constantly strive to produce the best trailer hitch products on the market and what makes great products like our Turnoverball, 5th wheel Companion, and Tow & Stow hitches possible is the dedication of our employees.



    And sometimes our employees step up for good causes the way Teri Battershell did for ALS research with the Ice Bucket Challenge. 


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    Four Wheels Move the Body, Two Wheels Move the Soul

  • Nobody enjoys strapping down a bike. We understand the allure of the freedom of the road. But for those times when you have to trailer a motorcycle and don’t want to deal with straps and tie downs, give the Biker Bar a try. It’ll make hauling your bike a breeze.


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