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How to Pick Up a Fallen Quarter-Ton Motorcycle… By Yourself

  •  Even the most careful, experienced riders have to pick up a fallen motorcycle every once in a blue moon. And that’s a lot more complicated than it sounds when your bike weighs a quarter ton, give or take 100 pounds.

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    The Five “S’s” To Watch For When You Trailer Your Harley

  • You need to trailer your Harley Davidson in a way that allows you to forget about how secure it is. Constantly worrying about your Harley in your trailer is no way to spend your road trip.


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    Video: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Trailer a Harley Davidson

  • We understand the attachment that some people still have with straps. We really do. But just like you ditched your Walkman for an iPod, your VCR for Netflix and your pager for a smartphone, it’s really time to ditch the straps for the Biker Bar.

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    Releasing UPDATED Companion 3500

  • Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch to 20,000 Pounds

    B&W Trailer Hitches introduced its new RVB3500 Companion fifth wheel aftermarket trailer hitch today. 

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    The Pros and Cons of Motorcycle Trailering Devices

  • When you need to trailer your Harley Davidson motorcycle, you pretty much have two choices. You can use a tie-down system, often comprised of straps, D-rings and E-tracks, or you can use the Biker Bar. Here are some of the basics you should know before you make the investment.

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    How One Guy Got His Dad Hooked on the Biker Bar on the Way to Sturgis

  • This is a guest post from our buddy, Joe, who introduced his dad, Jim, to the Biker Bar before making the trek to Sturgis.


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