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Top 5 Considerations When Buying a Receiver Hitch

  •  The other day we were asked by a magazine to rank the top five considerations when buying a receiver hitch. Would you like to know what we said?

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    "I went off the road in a snow-covered wheat field"

  • Just over a week ago I was headed to the vet hauling a trailer loaded with three horses.  We'd had snow two nights before but the weather had cleared up, the sun had come out and the roads were completely dry...or so I thought. 

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    Confessions of Sturgis Salesmen

  • We made our debut with The Biker Bar at Sturgis last week, and by all accounts, it was a hit.  We sold all the inventory of one model (for Harley Davidson touring bikes) and our maintenance-guy-turned-sales-guy, Joe Jefferis, did free installations in some pretty crazy conditions on trailers ranging from homemade utility trailers to tricked-out toyhaulers.  

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    "I am positive the Turnoverball saved my wife's life last night."

  • "I had a B&W Turnoverball installed in my 2008 2500HD and I am positive it saved my wife's life last night.  

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    Motorcycle Community Neglected Long Enough

  •  The motorcycle community has been neglected long enough! Straps are great, for lots of things, but when it comes to your Harley Davidson are they the best option?

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