American Made

Do you know where your hitch was made?

Should you care?

Let’s face it, Americans love towing. There’s something about hooking up to a big load of prized horses, or a backhoe, or pulling an RV across a mountain pass that encompasses the freedom that we love. You’ve got a lot riding on your hitch and those relatively small pieces of engineered steel play the leading role in keeping your truck and your trailer connected. The hitch matters to your safety and the safety of our roads.

Road Larry Rearview

That is why we treat the manufacture of your trailer hitch with the respect it deserves. For one, we insist on American-made steel, like the sheet steel we buy from U.S. Steel out of Gary, IN or the round bar that becomes the gooseneck ball made at a mill in Norfolk, NE. In a product where the strength and flexibility of the steel can mean life or death, we trust the U.S. steel mills with their finely controlled processes and specifications we can trust.

A hitch is only as good as the welds holding it together. We insist on making those welds under our roof. And the hard-working, skilled Americans that make the welds do so according to the ASTM Welding Standard (American Society for Testing and Materials). We wouldn’t have it any other way.

It might not matter whether your t-shirt, TV and tent stakes are made in America, but your trailer hitch? You might give it a thought.